Wedding Reception Venue


How to choose your wedding reception venue ?

The different wedding styles

Start by defining the wedding style you want. Rather rural, urban, industrial, elegant, traditional,… depending on that, you will direct your research towards the place which will correspond best to your expectations. A renovated barn, a hotel in the heart of the city, a renovated loft, or a listed castle, the reception area sets the tone for your day. And if you have a simple and bucolic wedding in mind, you might as well immediately eliminate from your list the private mansion option mouldings-golds-and-marble fireplace.

Before you fall for a nice place, think about asking if some providers are taxed. Catering, DJ, furniture rental, these points can really make a difference when you are looking for the perfect venue. And above all, do not sign if one of these providers did not suit you.

The Guest : How many ?

When you decide to organize your wedding, you will determine the number of guests. Indeed, the choice of your reception venue will be chosen according to this. The more guests you have, the larger the venue will have to be.

Even if this figure will not be definitive before the week preceding your wedding, many places, welcome only small receptions of a hundred people. Beyond that, you may need to rent a tent, and therefore increase your budget.

The budget for reception venue

Crucial point if ever there was one, your budget. You must define from the start the maximum budget that you can devote to your wedding, and to the rental of your reception venue. No need to start dreaming about a charming Provencal mas, privatisable for 15 000 euros, if your budget is 3500 euros for this position.

The region :

Where do you wish to unite? Is that where you live? If you have planned a Catholic wedding but do not live in the area, find out about the possibility of celebrating your union in a parish other than your own. Indeed some refuse marriages of outside couples choosing a church for more geographical than spiritual reasons. In the same way, you can join civilly only in your town hall of residence, or by derogation in the town hall of a town where one of your close relations (usually one of your parents) resides.

Is the location easily accessible or well served by transportation? If some of your guests come from far away, you may need to plan what to bring them, a car rental agency nearby, taxis or a friend to pick them up in the country.

In order to find your reception place, you can search on the internet, as well as on sites that allow you to search for rooms dedicated to the wedding. You can also use a wedding planner who will take care of this task. Finally, you can get your attention from family, friends and word of mouth.


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