Wedding Cake Customs


The white wedding cake 

White has always symbolized purity, and it refers to the white icing that appeared in the Victorian era. But also, the white wedding cake was initially referred to as the bride’s cake. This not only highlighted the bride as the central figure of the wedding, but also created a visual link between the bride and the cake. You should also know that the ingredients were very hard to find, especially those needed for icing.

Cut the cake :

There was a time when the bride cut the cake alone. This gesture symbolized the loss of virginity. Now both spouses participate in this ritual. Sharing the cake becomes the first task accomplished together. The man’s hand usually rests on the woman’s hand as a sign of fertility. It also happens that the spouses give each other the first bite of cake.

The multi-stage cake :

The « simple » wedding cake has evolved into what is now a multilayered cake. Before, it was reserved for the English royalty, but even for the nobility, the first multi-level wedding cakes were only in appearance. Their upper layers were models in spun sugar. Once the problem of preventing the upper layers from collapsing lower layers has been solved, a true multi-level wedding cake could be created. To prevent the pillars from sinking into the lower level, the icing was hardened to provide the necessary support.


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