Getting Married Abroad

You want to escape and travel, but above all you want to unite abroad. Here are the different destinations that we recommend according to your desires, your tastes and your budget. Many sumptuous destinations can delight you to organize your wedding. We have selected some European cities for you to support your choice.

Getting married in Santorini: the « postcard » wedding : Santorini, its white facades, the sea with loss of horizon, its sunsets of madness… For a romantic wedding, Santorini, white pearl of the Cyclades, is ideal, even if you can also choose to marry in one of the many other islands of Greece. As for places, you will find many luxurious hotels and restaurants to get married or more modest places. Avoid if possible the high season (July-August) because the prices then become exorbitant.

Getting married in Denmark: ideal for an express wedding : Did you know that? Denmark has become a popular wedding destination for binational weddings! It is very easy to get married in Denmark quickly and easily: all you need is an identity document and proof of your legal entry into Denmark to get married in Denmark.

Getting married in France for a dream wedding : Are you getting married and looking for a dream reception venue? Let us guide you, we will show you the most beautiful places to get married in France next year. You will find there many regions of France, whether it is a hotel in Paris, a farmhouse in Provence, a castle in Gironde or an estate in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais. So what are you waiting for to find out?

Getting married in Venice: a cliché, but not to be missed : If you’ve been to Italy before, then you know how romantic this country is… and Venice, the capital of Italian romanticism. Of course, a wedding in Venice is common, but it still makes the event exceptional. Moreover, your loved ones can attend your wedding live thanks to a webcam system set up by the city.

Getting married in Iceland: the « Viking » marriage : More and more in vogue, a wedding in Iceland is making you look good? Know that it is quite possible for two French people to get married in Iceland! As for the season, we recommend a wedding in May – June: the weather should be good (but with Iceland, you never know…) and as you are not yet in the middle of the season, you will not pay the high price.

Wedding Cake Customs

The white wedding cake 

White has always symbolized purity, and it refers to the white icing that appeared in the Victorian era. But also, the white wedding cake was initially referred to as the bride’s cake. This not only highlighted the bride as the central figure of the wedding, but also created a visual link between the bride and the cake. You should also know that the ingredients were very hard to find, especially those needed for icing.

Cut the cake :

There was a time when the bride cut the cake alone. This gesture symbolized the loss of virginity. Now both spouses participate in this ritual. Sharing the cake becomes the first task accomplished together. The man’s hand usually rests on the woman’s hand as a sign of fertility. It also happens that the spouses give each other the first bite of cake.

The multi-stage cake :

The « simple » wedding cake has evolved into what is now a multilayered cake. Before, it was reserved for the English royalty, but even for the nobility, the first multi-level wedding cakes were only in appearance. Their upper layers were models in spun sugar. Once the problem of preventing the upper layers from collapsing lower layers has been solved, a true multi-level wedding cake could be created. To prevent the pillars from sinking into the lower level, the icing was hardened to provide the necessary support.

History of Wedding Cake

Since Antiquity, we have noticed the presence of a symbolic pastry during the wedding. Cakes were then very basic, made from wheat or barley, the ancient symbols of prosperity, and salt. The result looked like a big loaf of bread. Each guest had to break a slice of bread on the bride and groom’s head to bring them fertility and happiness.

In Rome, it is either a cake or a loaf of bread that is broken on the bride’s head. This gesture also symbolizes the imminent loss of virginity and is a pledge of fertility.

History also teaches us that breaking bread symbolizes the rupture of the virginal state of the bride and the domination of the bridegroom over her.

This tradition has long been associated with marriage and until the 19th century it was still found in Scotland and Ireland.

In the 17th century : The most common tradition was for guests to create a tower with cakes and pastries. The taller the tower, the happier the spouses would be.

In the 18th century : At that time, in France, the cake tower took on a new shape: the stack cake as we know it today. This fashion spread rapidly and was widely adopted in the West from the 19th century.

Wonderful Wedding Dress : Manon Pascual

Our Girondines wedding dress designers really have talent. And if there is one that we no longer have to present, it is Manon Pascual. Creator since 1991, her imagination waters every year the fashion wedding outfits all in elegance. My favorite this year in his collection? That dress right on top. Both original with its small ruffles on the top, but so sober in its cut made sexier by the cleavage in the back for a result so chic… of the great Manon Pascual!

His 2018 collection is really beautiful. There is something for all brides, always in good taste and detail that makes all the difference.

The refinement of the french wedding dress

Decomposed into 5 romantic themes, sometimes colorful and even retro (Paris est une fête, Dans un grand vent de fleurs, A la recherche du temps perdu, Moi la Princesse de papier, Au bonheur des Dames), I challenge you not to fall in love with one of the sumptuous models I will present to you.

For 20 years, Elsa Gary has made us dream with her wedding dresses made entirely in their workshop in the South West of France. The imagined and created wedding outfits are made of noble, natural and above all ecological materials. Calais lace, Plumetis and French silk all the models can be personalized according to the wishes of the bride. These are comfortable dresses, in which you will really feel at ease on D-Day. And the advantage, since everything is manufactured on site, is that Elsa Gary has a real responsiveness to your orders. Of course it is advisable to take several months in advance to order your wedding dress but if you are planning a last minute wedding, no worries, they can make you a canonissimo wedding outfit in a very short time!

What I love about the Elsa Gary universe is really the original little details that make all the difference. The choice of lace is exceptional, the cuts so worked, all this combined gives wedding dresses of a subtlety without equal.

For my part, I have had the chance several times to wear some of their pretty tops and I can assure you of the finesse of their work without equal. The details, the finishes, the cleanliness of the seams… You can go there with your eyes closed. My favorite in this 2019 collection goes for the first dress I present you just below. It’s all there. The volume (finally the return of the princess wedding dresses!), the little lace sleeves, the neckline on the back… Wow, quite simply.

Wedding Reception Venue

How to choose your wedding reception venue ?

The different wedding styles

Start by defining the wedding style you want. Rather rural, urban, industrial, elegant, traditional,… depending on that, you will direct your research towards the place which will correspond best to your expectations. A renovated barn, a hotel in the heart of the city, a renovated loft, or a listed castle, the reception area sets the tone for your day. And if you have a simple and bucolic wedding in mind, you might as well immediately eliminate from your list the private mansion option mouldings-golds-and-marble fireplace.

Before you fall for a nice place, think about asking if some providers are taxed. Catering, DJ, furniture rental, these points can really make a difference when you are looking for the perfect venue. And above all, do not sign if one of these providers did not suit you.

The Guest : How many ?

When you decide to organize your wedding, you will determine the number of guests. Indeed, the choice of your reception venue will be chosen according to this. The more guests you have, the larger the venue will have to be.

Even if this figure will not be definitive before the week preceding your wedding, many places, welcome only small receptions of a hundred people. Beyond that, you may need to rent a tent, and therefore increase your budget.

The budget for reception venue

Crucial point if ever there was one, your budget. You must define from the start the maximum budget that you can devote to your wedding, and to the rental of your reception venue. No need to start dreaming about a charming Provencal mas, privatisable for 15 000 euros, if your budget is 3500 euros for this position.

The region :

Where do you wish to unite? Is that where you live? If you have planned a Catholic wedding but do not live in the area, find out about the possibility of celebrating your union in a parish other than your own. Indeed some refuse marriages of outside couples choosing a church for more geographical than spiritual reasons. In the same way, you can join civilly only in your town hall of residence, or by derogation in the town hall of a town where one of your close relations (usually one of your parents) resides.

Is the location easily accessible or well served by transportation? If some of your guests come from far away, you may need to plan what to bring them, a car rental agency nearby, taxis or a friend to pick them up in the country.

In order to find your reception place, you can search on the internet, as well as on sites that allow you to search for rooms dedicated to the wedding. You can also use a wedding planner who will take care of this task. Finally, you can get your attention from family, friends and word of mouth.

Popular Wedding Themes

Weddings around the theme of nature are the most popular, they refer more globally to country wedding decoration. Some are more specific, like themes on birds, flowers, butterflies, stars, seasons, mountains, etc…

Choosing a city, region or country as a theme can be a great way to get your guests to travel. For example, if you’re passionate about everything to do with the Orient, why not opt for an oriental wedding decoration. If you are attached to your roots, if you have foreign origins or if you had a crush during a visit of a country or a city abroad, these themes are made for you.

If you want a wedding that looks like you, dare to highlight one of your passions and share it with your guests. Display your hobbies everywhere on the reception area through a beautiful wedding room decoration, always according to the chosen theme. It can be cinema, music, sport, dance, photography for example.

For the bride and groom who love symbols, wedding decoration can also feature an abstract concept such as angels or love.

Leisure venues are perfect for a festive wedding. If you opt for an atypical reception area you will easily find the inspiration to set up an original atmosphere. Take advantage of the chosen environment to find fun and unusual wedding game ideas. It can be the case of the circus, the cabaret or the carnival.

How to choose your car for your wedding ?

This is the first question you should ask yourself because it must be in harmony with your style. Vintage cars have been popular for a few years with the return of vintage cars. It can be a pretty wink if you have chosen a travel, cinema, crazy years theme… Personally, I find vintage cars very romantic but if you want to impress your guests, why not choose a limousine? Some may find it a bit cliché, but it still has a little effect and after all, you don’t get married every day.

Second important question, unless you have a friend who stays sober in all circumstances, finding a driver among the guests for transportation is not always easy. But it all depends of course on the place of reception, if you have the possibility to sleep on the spot, the question of the return does not arise. Nevertheless, if you rent the car only a few hours you will have to find a person who agrees to be your driver, to go to seek then to bring back the car… It can sometimes be more interesting financially to take a car with driver (it is generally about his car and thus has his personal insurance).

Have you ever tried getting into the back of a three-door car in a long evening dress? Yes? So imagine with a full wedding dress and a long train? You will have understood, the 5-door version is essential!

An undecorated car is not a wedding car, you’ll agree? You can decorate the hood, mirrors, handles, antenna, trunk. If you take a few pictures next door, you can add a wreath of flowers on the hood. On your wedding day…. you’ve been (very) imagining it for a long time, you want everything to be perfect down to the last detail? So don’t forget the car that will make your arrival unforgettable!